Pre school program, Toukley Childcare

Our Pre-School program is designed to enhance concepts and skills and to prepare children for their transition to primary school. In this preparatory learning, activities we consider assist in developing aspects of readiness in the following areas:

  • Social and Emotional
  • Fine and Gross Motor
  • Self Help Skills
  • Cognition and Problem Solving Skills
  • Language and Literature
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Creative Expression and Arts

The activities in the above learning areas are designed to help your child get off to the right start, achieve new milestones and be set up for success in the first year of school. Individual, small and large group experiences will be carried out throughout each day. Most of the planned activities are experienced through a ‘hands on’ approach which assists in developing the neurological pathways of children’s brains.

Small Groups

Throughout the year, the children are divided into small groups with the 4-5 year olds in one group and the 3-4 year olds in another for group times. Children in the 4-5 group spend group time discovering School Readiness activities. Small groups allow for individual attention and helps children develop their concentration and confidence within a group. The small group also allows the teacher to focus carefully on the children as individuals to facilitate their interests and support development in their skills and abilities.

Working with Parents

Our Programs are based on our observations and records of the children’s development throughout the year. Teachers plan activities to foster learning while the children are involved in everyday play episodes. We regard parents as experts with valuable information to help us plan activities to extend children’s learning and interest. The developmental records include observations, interpretations, parental comments, objectives and follow up activities. The parent comments section provides parents the opportunity to share with us your knowledge and observation of your child at home. This helps to strengthen the link between the education setting here and the education at home.

Learning Centres

We have permanent areas set up in the Investigators room to allow children to participate in all key learning areas throughout the day.

  • Puzzle table
  • Large blocks corner
  • Music corner
  • Dramatic play area
  • Book area
  • Fine motor
  • Gross motor
  • Science and nature
  • Maths and cognitive
  • Drawing and writing
  • Creative arts

These areas are permanently set up and invite children to find their learning resources easily and to choose them according to their interests and needs.


Our program reflects the children’s interests and needs based on our observations completed on each child. Our program is evaluated through our Daily Learning Journal and follow up or extensions activities are planned and recorded on the Forward Planning Calendar. Based on our daily observations, and the children’s’ interests the activities are programmed but allow for spontaneity. Individual needs and group objectives are catered for within the program.


We use child initiated projects. It is a study or extension of a particular topic/experience which have arisen from a child’s interest. We often extend those interests that lead us onto projects. Experiences are provided which focus on the particular interest and assist in fostering the children to learn more about this area. These experiences may lead the children into other interest area.

Please Remember: Each child progresses and learns at their own pace and the program is designed to support this. Your input and knowledge of your child can greatly enhance your child’s experiences and learning at the centre.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to see Taryn or Elyse. (if required please communicate to us via the Parent Communication book located on top of the lockers next to the sign in book).

Concepts & skills covered

Cognitive Development

  • General knowledge includes ideas, facts and concepts such as animals, air, planets, magnets, sound, and water.
  • Measurement size, space, transport, signs.
  • Visual and auditory discrimination
  • Memory skills
  • Problem - solving skills
  • Understanding the community and environment surrounding us
  • Road safety and other child safety topics
  • Attention span

Social - emotional - personal development

  • co operation with others
  • being courteous towards teachers, peers and adults
  • share an take turns
  • motivation
  • separation from parents easily
  • maturing independence
  • self control
  • social problem solving skills
  • moral and ethical learning
  • growing awareness and appreciation of ones own cultural identity and the cultures of others
  • contributes ideas and help readily
  • play is diversified
  • confidence
  • responsible for self and others
  • listening to and following instructions


  • speech is clear, fluent and audible
  • listens attentively and responds appropriately
  • willing to converse with others
  • recognises and attempts to write own name
  • developing awareness of the alphabet
  • developing an interest in print and writing
  • responds with questions and comments to texts read
  • attempts to read environmental print i.e. traffic signs, restaurant labels, bathrooms signs etc
  • increasing vocabulary
  • retells stories and songs in correct sequences
  • shows phonemic awareness

Fine Motor

  • Mastering hand control and defining grip
  • Eye and hand coordination including hand precision and control
  • Making increasingly representational drawings or art and craft
  • Using computer keyboards and mouse
  • Tracing or copying letters, words and symbols
  • Writing names, letters. Numbers
  • Uses scissors to cut around items and in straight lines
  • Self help skills such as using zippers, buttons, pegs, puts on own belongings, dressing and undressing self

Gross Motor

  • balancing
  • body coordination
  • ball skills (throwing, kicking, catching)
  • agility and ability in climbing, running, jumping, skipping, hopping and rolling etc
girls helping with the cooking
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